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Founded in 1989, the Department of International Business has witnessed the transition of LHU from an established junior college to a fledgling technical university. Distinguished for educational excellence, it has been rated more than once by the Ministry of Education as one of the best business departments in the nation.

Scope and Objectives

Two undergraduate programs are currently offered to meet the needs of different student populations. The four-year program is designed primarily for students with a high school diploma or its equivalent who are interested in a business career involving international trade. The two-year program is open to junior college graduates with the same career goal in mind. Both programs provide comprehensive and strongly related studies of subjects in economics, theory and practice of international trade, finance, marketing, international trade law, and e-commerce. Apart from developing students’ capacity for critical analysis, the department also stresses language proficiency and computer skills with a view to enabling prospective professionals to meet the increasing challenges of global competition.